Sunday, September 12, 2004

cant believe im doing this shit.

CANT believe i actually have a blog... ok i created this cause of some invitation rau sent me to join a a52 blog.. see. contary to popular belief, i am like sooooo connected with my class.

ok supposed to say what i did today right.. er ok woke up earlier than the bloody roosters at kota tinggi to play soccer at marina bay, which did not turn out well. we were almost slaughtered and kester was shouting like a dog as usual. to put it simply, it was a dismal effort by us la. nonetheless, my dearest malay brother derrick mohd chenggui was like a machine as usual la. how he smokes and runs like nobodys business, i'll never know. anyways, good luck to him tml. hes taking his first step away from anglican high, that bloody cheena pok place where english seems martian to majority of the people there, and the holiness that was ever supposed to be there is completely extingushed by the falseness of the so callled christians.

speaking of exams, tml is the start of a new term. a new beginning, a new era, a new chapter in my ongoing struggle with that LJB tan yew hwee. can sense that he is definitely gonna find fault with me tml. maybe i will hide a knife in my boxers and dig his heart out when hes not looking. and fry it maybe. oh wait. that wont work. its already black.

and promos are approaching. just great.